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Problem PC? We’ll solve it. We’re who you call when your desktop runs slow and your programs stop working. From corrupted hard drives to infected machines, PuCo is your personal army of tech-savvy geeks. We cover the whole of Bhopal, and best of all we can fix most desktop computers with a single visit


Overheating and beeping are signs that your cooling system isn’t working properly, or your motherboard is on its way out. If you hear beeping coming from the processor, get in touch. If you hear physical noises inside your desktop, for example whirring or clicking, turn the computer off and call us immediately.


Our trained computer repair teams carry replacement hardware for most common desktop PC faults – meaning we can get you back on track again whatever the problem. If we can’t fix your hardware problem on the spot, we’ll order the part you need to solve it.


Many software problems can be dealt with remotely, and we can also set up maintenance routines to ensure your desktop PC stays healthy once we’ve fixed it.


Most scariest thing that can happen to your Windows computer is failure to turn on at all. You press the little power button and nothing happens. No beeps, clicks, clunks or whirs. Light on the monitor is on, but your computer is totally dead.

First of all don’t panic! When people face that kind of problem, they are tend to panic, worried that all important data on their PC are gone. Most probably your documents and pictures are safe, just not accessible at the moment.

This computer problem shows that one of the hardware components have failed. Don’t worry, everything can be fixed, – especially in desktop computers.

Please do some checks before calling us for help with your computer

Please make sure that your PC getting power. Check your power cord and ensure that it is properly and firmly connected to your computer and to the power socket. Check that surge protectors still working, as sometime power surge can damage then inside your power cable. Make sure that power cord don’ have any breaks, crimps or other damage.

If everything ok with the power cable, try to connect your computer to another socket. Sometimes power socket or extension cable can be the problem

Please listen to your computer sounds. If you can hear fans running inside or beeping sound it will be easier for us to faster determine and fix the problem.

Your computer still doesn’t turn on? Call us or use booking form to book our engineer. Our qualified technician will come to your home or office, save your important documents, pictures and other files and replace faulty hardware part. 50% faults we can fix same day!


It’s ok for your computer to be loud under load. If you play games or watch very high resolution video it’s normal for your PC to be louder. But if this started to happen only recently – this is cause of concern. If your computer was much quieter and getting progressively louder each day – you need to fix that as fast as you can.

Your computer overheats and tries to cool down spinning all fans at maximum speed. There are three main fans in the desktop PC. Power supply, CPU and graphic card fan. Graphic card fan works on maximum load when you play games or doing other work with lots of graphic power involved. CPU fan is very important part or of your PC. Without it your computer can overheat in few minutes. If your computer is very loud and you see blue screen of death, this is very big cause of concert, as probably your CPU is overheating. Don’t turn on your computer again. As this can be your computer’s last run. Call professional computer technician who can help you with this.

Power supply can be cause of noisy computer. When there is a fault with power supply it can make strange and loud noises. You should check it and fix it ASAP as power surge can damage important parts of your computer.

Sometimes noise can come from more important part – hard drive. This is part where all your data is stored. If your desktop is making loud clicking noise it is possible your hard drive is dying. In this case you must turn off your PC immediately and call a computer technician. Other way you can lose all important documents and pictures.

If your desktop started recently to make strange noises we recommend to fix this ASAP. Your computer is overheating and some hardware parts are failing. This can lead to faulty computer or even your data loss. Call us or use a booking form and one of our computer technicians will come to your home or office within Bhopal area. He will be able to check what parts are failing and fix them. Our computer engineers carry most important computer hardware parts and can fix PC noise problems on site.


This can happen suddenly and without any visible cause. Sometimes your computer begins to load but after some time stops responding during start up process. This problem can be caused by many factors. Your computer can try to load windows from removable media. First of all check and remove any CD’s, DVD’s, USB flash drives, memory cards. Remove any digital cameras or external hard drives. Try to restart your computer. If it fails again something else is causing the problem.

If your desktop display and error during start up, this is probably caused by hardware configuration problem. Your motherboard, CPU, memory or graphic card may develop a problem. Failed hardware can be frustrating, but your documents, pictures and emails should be safe and they will still be there when computer will be repaired.

When you see non system disk or disk error message during start up this is more serious problem. This can be caused by faulty hard drive. Hard drive is part where all the information is stored. It is very important that you do attempt to repair windows computer by yourself. You may lose all your personal data. In most cases we can copy data even from faulty hard drive before replacing it with the new one.

In most cases with Windows based desktop computer start up problems are caused by virus or spyware. Even if you didn’t notice any of virus activity on your working machine. Some viruses and Trojans can work silently in the background, but when your antivirus tries to remove it, they can damage your windows system and prevent it to start up properly.

When your computer stops to start up properly, this can be caused by faulty hardware. We will need to carry on some tests and replace faulty parts

We deal with that kind of computer start up problems every day. We can fix Windows based machines. First of all we will do some tests to check what is causing system to fail. Then we will save your important personal data and repair all the problems preventing computer from starting up.

Use our online computer engineer booking system below and we will fix all windows problems preventing your computer from starting up properly.


It can be two kind of problems causing computer to freeze and restart. First and most probable one is software problem. Viruses, Trojans, rogues and other adware can cause system instability. When systems detects a problem it restarts to prevent future damage. These problems can be solved by cleaning unwanted programs and spyware, upgrading drivers or reinstalling operating system. Our computer engineers can test is it software problem and repair your computer ant you home or office straight away.

Second and more serious – hardware problem. Computer overheating is most probable cause for computer freezing and restarting. When you machine overheats it get’s unstable and sends a signal to restart. There is more hardware faults that can cause computer freezes. Faulty power supply, graphic card, processor or even hard drive can cause this kind of problem. Our PC technicians will try to test your computer on site. Sometimes it requires more serious testing. For this we do collect and return fixed computer repair service. We will take your faulty desktop PC to our repair facility and return it in fully working condition. And this with no extra charge! It depends on problem, but usually repairs take from 1 to 3 days.


  • My computer keeps running slow and when I start it up my desktop takes forever to load. What can it be?

  • My computer runs slow, takes forever to start up of shut down and will even just shut itself off ..help!?

  • What can I do to make my computer run faster it is running slow it takes forever for the internet to come up?

  • My computer runs really slow and sometimes I can’t even get into my mail and it takes forever to find the sites?

  • My computer takes forever to start, runs slow and keeps saying, warning unresponsive script. Sounds familiar?

Computers become slow during the time. Corrupt old and redundant files quickly build up in the computer. This causes computer to be slow, sluggish and causes crashes, system errors and serious slowdowns when you need your PC the most. It is the biggest annoyance when you need to wait for computer to go through the simple task. Often this happens to older PC’s but this can happen to new computers too.

Windows PC slowdowns when each program or application is installed. When you use word, surfing the internet or just playing a games, your computer’s hard drive gets filled up with temporary files. When you use Internet Explorer all your browsing history and other downloaded data remains in your computer. Even when Windows program is installed and uninstalled, it leaves some files behind, that can cause your computer to be slow.

Slow internet connection is synonym to slow computer for most users. Because for every job they do – from web surfing to checking emails, requires internet connection. Very often increase in internet speed can cause your to run much faster.

One of most probable cause for slow computer could be viruses, spyware, Trojans and other adware. Almost all free programs downloaded from internet and installed to your Windows computer goes with adware. Instead of one program you want, you get lots of unnecessary “cleaners” and “optimizers” you never heard of. They run every time your Pc runs and suggest to buy them to clean up your computer. When you have few of them, your computer take ages to load and run simple program.

Our professional computer engineer can clean up your Windows computer. We will come to your home and office and clean all temporary files, spyware, adware, Trojans and viruses out of your computer.


When you realize that your computer, mobile device or server has failed, it can be horrible experience. We understand how important your data is. Nobody wants to go through data loss. But whatever happened to your data a big chance is that it still can be recovered. Data can vanish in an instant, and if you did not make any backups it looks like it gone forever. Data now is stored in many devices. Mobiles, tablets, laptops, desktops, usb sticks, memory card every device can fail at one point. Only when device fails you do realize how important data is.

Almost all data from all faulty devices can be recovered, whether it is important personal files or valuable business data. We can recover deleted or formatted data as well. If we do not recover any data, you will not pay anything. But in most cases we can recover 90% data from your device. Most important point is to not to try to recover data by yourself, or give it to inexperienced friends. They can overwrite your files and this will greatly reduce chance for successful recovery.

Hard drive failure is the main problem with computer data loss. The problem can be – deleted files, formatted hard drive, Operating system failure of hardware failure. If any of these problems occur, our data recovery technician will tell you whether your important data can be successfully recovered, how long it will take to recover it and how much this will cost.

Our can book our data recovery technician online or call us. Please keep your faulty device with you. We may ask you for make and model number of your gadget.


You turn on desktop computer. You can heard it starting to work and windows start to load, but your screen doesn’t show anything or “no signal found”.

This can happen for many reasons. If you moved your computer recently, please check all your cables. They can be loose slightly and did not send proper signal.

If cables are all ok, you should try to connect Screen to another computer. Maybe your monitor is faulty? Sometimes screen shows nothing because of faulty graphic card or other hardware. If steps mentioned above did not solve your problem, you should contact professional computer repair technician. Our computer engineers can repair all screen related problems. We will test all cables, hardware and software issues and repair any problems found. You can book a repair engineer online or call us


“Every time I have been on the internet lately, I have been getting bombarded with pop-ups from a couple of unknown sites. They prompt me to connect to their site for some such reason. I’m not certain whether or not this site is legitimate in the first place (I’m concerned that by clicking on the link I’ll infect my computer), but further, I simply hate these things and want them to go away. I have tried to “block” the site by right clicking on the page and going to the “permissions” settings, this has not worked. I have tried downloading and running the CLEANER program, again, no help.”

We are solving that kind of problems every day. In time almost all computer users gets unwanted adware and spyware. Adware and spyware are usually installed without the user’s consent and display repeated pop-ups for questionable websites or services. A website may display repeated restricted pop-ups to either bombard a computer user with advertisements or trick him into clicking on one by accident.

Your computer needs to be cleaned time to time to avoid more serious windows problems. When you press on pop up (even accidentally) some unwanted programs may be installed onto your computer. This can lead your computer infected with trojans or even rogues.

Our computer technicians can clean your computer without touching your personal files. We will get rid of unwanted programs, temporary files, adware, spyware, trojans and rogues. Your computer will work much faster without interruptions from pop ups. To schedule a cleaning for your computer just call us or use our online booking system.


If you experience any other desktop computer problems not listed here just call us or book an engineer online. We will help you to fix any problems with your PC.

If required our engineers will test your computer and carry on any PC repairs required.